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June Smith

Owner & Photographer

As a little girl June's grandfather taught her the art of photography. Family gatherings, school activities, and road trip adventures, always involved picture time. She grew to love holding her grandfather's camera, but she never realized that she would grow up to be a part of the professional world of photography and design. Her creativity, zest and passion for life always leads her path to meeting new people, making new friends and acquiring great business relationships. 

She is a valued asset to her clients and community, because she is not just your ordinary photographer. With a very unique style and creative graphic design skill she is becoming a very sought out after professional photographer in a very competitive job field. Her desire to succeed pushes her daily and she is an amazing mentor to the youth in her community.  When it comes to marketing, website design and writing, June always provides her clients with  honesty, suggestions and ideas that will help make their businesses stand out from others. 

June has a pretty amazing resume! Last year she worked with Ronee Martin, a popular contestant from the television series America's Got Talent. She and Ronee have been close friends since the season 11  show aired  in 2016. She also worked with celebrity/author and actor Jay Dobyns who is a former federal ATF agent) that worked heavily under cover with the Hells Angels which led to several arrests and a lifelong journey of telling his story as well as teaching. You may know him from the movie " Den of Thieves" or   "Red Friday".  "No Angel" and "Catching Hell" are two of his most popular titles.  June, was a photographer at the 2018  "Polo Under the Oaks" tournament,  where she met and photographed John Walsh. He and his team the "Shamrock" played in the tournament. He is most known from the television series "America's Most Wanted". His current television series "In Pursuit with John Walsh" first aired on  January 16, 2019. 

June loves sports so she may often be seen working the sidelines with her camera at equestrian events and football games. It is already in the works for her to add basketball and volleyball to that list. She is currently working on a big project that she is very excited about so stay tuned for updates!